CONISAR Proceeding 2010

Nashville, TN

Conference Highlights


Applied IS Research/Methodologies

A Study of Information Technology Integration (1506)
An Empirical Study of Social Networking Behavior Using Diffusion of Innovation Theory (1526)
What Influences People to Use Linux? (1509)
What is Missing From the Current Disaster Model (1507)


On the utility of HCI practices in improving a commercial information retrieval system (1503)

IT Innovation / Entrepreneurship

On Conceptual Models of Collaborative Partnerships and the Infusion of Knowledge Workers in the Local IT Sector (1510)

IT Management / Strategy

Make or Buy: A comparative assessment of organizations that develop software internally versus those that purchase software (1514)
NATIS: Novel Architecture Framework for Algorithmic Trading Information Systems -- Automated Stock Trading via Electronic Communication Networks (1520)

Master Student/Faculty Papers

The Use of Mobile Units (1501)

Networks / Security / Telecommunications

A Process for Assessing Voting System Risk Using Threat Trees (1505)
Password Security Risk versus Effort: An Exploratory Study on User-Perceived Risk and the Intention to Use Online Applications (1516)


Creating a Framework for Research on Virtual Organizations (1521)

Systems Development/Software Eng

A Methodology Tailoring Model for Practitioner Based Information Systems Development Informed by the Principles of General Systems Theory (1524)
Global Agile Team Configuration (1518)

Technology Changes/Trends

Development of an Evaluation Model for XBRL-enabled Tools Intended for Investors (1508)
How Mobile Technology is Changing Our Culture (1519)
The Potential Reality of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) in a Cloud Computing Strategy (1515)

Web Applications, Web 2.0

A Model for Understanding Social Commerce (1511)
Seniors and Social Networking (1522)