CONISAR Proceeding 2011

Wilmington, NC

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Mike Smith

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On a Systemic Understanding of Software Development Contexts

Doncho Petkov
Eastern Connecticut State University

Steven Alter
University of San Francisco

Olga Petkova
Central Connecticut State University

Saturday - 11/5/2011 in Dudley at 4:20 pm

Understanding software development contexts is a precondition for better systems analysis and design. A starting point for us is a review of two existing typologies for software projects contexts proposed in 2005 by Bustard and Keenan and also by Alter and Browne. We propose a mapping of these contexts onto the System of Systems Methodologies by Jackson and Keys, a well-known grid whose dimensions include the diversity of stakeholder interests and the complexity of a problem situation. Thus we can explore in a unified way the various software development project situations discussed by Bustard and Keenan and also by Alter and Browne. That is useful also for justifying the application of a particular systems approach like Soft Systems Methodology by Checkland or the Work System Method by Alter within a particular software development project context.