CONISAR Proceeding 2012

New Orleans, LA

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Mike Smith

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Ethical Data Mining: An Obstacle or Opportunity for Loyalty Programs

Gregory Smith
Xavier University

David Burns
Xavier University

Thursday - 11/1/2012 in Gallier Salon at 5:00 pm

Loyalty programs pervade the retailing space. As retailers push to increase the value they derive from their loyalty programs, they increasingly employ data mining techniques such as market basket analysis, cluster analysis, and category management. These techniques provide tremendous insight into consumer behavior while aiding store design through improved affinity positioning and cross-selling. However, the collection, storage, and mining of information provided by loyalty members are often hotly debated among data ethicists.. More....

Possible Lessons for the Field of Information Systems from the Work of Russel Ackoff

Doncho Petkov
Eastern Connecticut State University

Olga Petkova
Central Connecticut State University

Saturday - 11/3/2012 in Pontalba Salon at 3:15 p.m.

The status of the filed of Information Systems has been questioned by many over the last fifteen years. Issues regarding its identity, the essence of the Information Systems artifact, the balance between relevance and rigor, the need for greater emphasis on the systems approach, the various fashion waves passing through it, including design science as one of the more recent ones raise many questions with difficult answers. More....