CONISAR Proceeding 2012

New Orleans, LA

Conference Highlights


Applied IS Research/Methodologies

A Quantitative Analysis of Computing Jobs in 2012 (2237)
Analysis of the Variables That Affect Frequency of Use and Time Spent on Social Networking (2226)
Possible Lessons for the Field of Information Systems from the Work of Russel Ackoff (2303)

Cloud Computing

A Study of Cloud Computing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in Financial Firms (2205)
An Examination of the Factors Influencing Student Usage of Dropbox, a File Hosting Service (2230)
Let’s Look at the Cloud from a Risk Management Perspective (2211)
Using the Cloud: The Cost of Encryption in IaaS (2224)

Data and Data Mgt

ETL Evolution for Real-Time Data Warehousing (2214)
Readiness for Transitioning to ICD-10 Coding: A Comparison on Practice Ownership and Community Size (2209)

ERP/Bus Process/Supply Chain

Rocky Relationships: Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management (2228)

Human Computer Interaction

Do experiments using immersive and interactive 3D structures improve memorization? (2213)

IT Innovation / Tech Changes

Global Diffusion of Virtual Social Networks: A Pyramid Model (2217)
Traffic on the Information Super Highway -- Use vs. Useful? (2238)

IT Management / Strategy

Information Technology (IT) professional perceptions regarding the value of communication, collaboration, and the use of social networking technologies in the workplace: a case study (2207)
The Adoption of Green IT/IS: Proactive and Reactive Approaches to Meeting Environmental Challenges (2229)
The Impact of Regulatory Changes on IS Strategy: An Exploratory Study (2223)

Master Student/Faculty Papers

Cloud Computing: Should I Stay or Should I Cloud? (2210)
Creating an Audio Conferencing Application on Android Smart Phones (2220)
Evaluating the South African software industry as a key component for economic development using an Irish framework (2212)
The Deployment Pipeline (2215)

Networks / Clouds / Security

Information Security Blueprint For Nationwide Health Information Network (2218)


Analysis of Electronic Health Record Implementation and Usage in Texas Acute Care Hospitals (2216)
Cybercrime: The Unintentional Effects of Oversharing Information on Facebook (2231)
Ethical Data Mining: An Obstacle or Opportunity for Loyalty Programs (2302)
Using the Layered Model to Understand Employee Selection of Information and Communication Channels for Information and Knowledge Sharing in Project Teams (2206)

PhD Papers/WIP

Building Baseline Preprocessed Common Data Sets for Multiple Follow-on Data Mining Algorithms (2239)
Examining the Effects of the Value of Information on Intelligence Analyst Performance (2227)

Project Management

Early Stage Probabilistic Software Project Schedule Estimation (2222)

Systems Devel/Software Eng

Evolving Mobile Architectures: A Case Study in the Development of a Location Privacy Application (2234)
Open Source Software Volunteerism vs. Motivating Potential of Primary Employment: Suggestions for a Research Agenda (2221)
Vicinities for Spatial Data Processing: a Statistical Approach to Algorithm Design (2225)

Web Applications, Web 2.0

A Framework for an Interactive Word-Cloud Ap-proach for Visual Analysis of Digital Text using NLTK (2240)
A Portal-Based Web Service Development Using a Mashup Approach (2219)
Adding Social Features to E-commerce (2235)
Building a Competitive Edge through Social Media (2201)
Comparing Performance of Web Service Interaction Styles: SOAP vs. REST (2208)
The Impact of Intra-Organizational Social Networking Sites on Impression Formation (2233)