CONISAR Proceeding 2014

Baltimore, MD

Conference Highlights

Best Papers

Best Paper of CONISAR Conference

Cyberbullying or normal game play? Impact of age, gender, and experience on
cyberbullying in multi-player online gaming environments: Perceptions from one gaming forum
Meg Fryling. Siena College
Jami Lynn Cotler, Siena College
Jack Rivituso, Siena College
Lauren Mathews, Siena College
Shauna Pratico, Siena College

Distinguished Paper Awards (top 10%)

On Adapting a War-Gaming Discrete Event Simulator with Big Data and Geospatial Modeling
Toward a Predictive Model Ecosystem for Interpersonal Violence
Fortune Mhlanga, Lipscomb University
E. L. Perry, Faulkner University
Robert Kirchner

Identifying User Behavior from Residual Data in Cloud-based Synchronized Apps (3310)
George Grispos, University of Glasgow
William Bradley Glisson, University of South Alabama
J. Harold Pardue, University of South Alabama
Mike Dickson, Police Scotland

Meritorious Paper Award (top 15%)

Cyber Security Best Practices: What to do? (3309)
Howard Kleinberg, UNCW
Bryan Reinicke, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Jeffrey Cummings, University of North Carolina Wilmington