CONISAR Proceeding 2014

Baltimore, MD

Conference Highlights


Applied IS Research/Methodologies

A Case Study on Achieving Legitimation in Information Systems Action Research Projects (3325)
Cyberbullying or normal game play? Impact of age, gender, and experience on cyberbullying in multi-player online gaming environments: Perceptions from one gaming forum (3307)
ERP Customization vs. Business Process Reengineering: Technical and Functional Perceptions (3316)
Identifying User Behavior from Residual Data in Cloud-based Synchronized Apps (3310)
Measuring Algorithm Performance With Java: Patterns of Variation (3043)

Business Intelligence / Big Data

Building a Better Stockbroker: Managing Big (Financial) Data by Constructing an Ontology-Based Framework (3314)
On Adapting a War-Gaming Discrete Event Simulator with Big Data and Geospatial Modeling Toward a Predictive Model Ecosystem for Interpersonal Violence (3305)
Roadmaps and Maturity Models: Pathways toward Adopting Big Data (3302)

Cloud Computing

A Cloud Computing Methodology Study of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in the Financial Industry (3303)

IT Management / Strategy

Aligning Information Systems strategy with the Business Strategy in a South African Banking Environment (3321)

Security / Networks / Communications

A Case Study Analysis of KnightSec and the Steubenville Rape Case (3306)
Cyber Security Best Practices: What to do? (3309)
Evaluating Information Security Practices, Knowledge, and Attitudes of Information Technology Student Workers (3401)
Use of Preventative Measures to Protect Data Privacy on Mobile Devices (3317)

Systems Devel/Software Eng

Open Source Web Application Vulnerability Scanners: The Cost Effective Choice (3319)
The Silent Treatment in IT Projects: Gender Differences in Inclinations to Communicate Project Status Information (3312)

Web Applications, Web 2.0

Are College Home Pages More Accessible? A Longitudinal Study of the Accessibility of United States College Home Pages (3324)
Review of Web Service Specifications for Long-running Conversations (3318)