CONISAR Proceedings 2018

Norfolk, Virginia

Conference Highlights


Applied IS Research / Methodologies

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Examining the Adoption of Drone Delivery Services, (4803)
Delineating Legacy System IT Artifacts Applying a Systems Thinking-based Framework, (4822)
Driving Distractions and Multi-tasking: An Investigative Study, (4816)
Improve the Loyalty of Mobile Payment Users in China by Increasing the Fit between Skill, Technology and Task, (4802)
Using Twitter Sentiment Analysis to Analyze Self-Sentiment of the POTUS, (4812)

Business Intelligence / Big Data

A Machine Learning Approach to Optimizing Diabetes Healthcare Management Using SAS Analytic Suite, (4810)
Standardizing Public Utility Data: A Case Study of a Rural Mid-Size Utility, (4818)

Ethical / Legal / Privacy

Can Social Media Accounts Have an Impact on Hiring Decisions? Guidelines for Appropriate Use, (4807)
Commercial Drone Activity: Security, Privacy, and Legislation Issues, (4817)
Privacy and Security Issues Associated with Mobile Dating Applications, (4823)
Understanding Cyberstalking through the Analysis of Student's Online Activity, (4821)

IS/IT Management / Strategy

ERP Rigidity and the Cloud Computing Effect, (4873)

Other Applied Research Topics

Changes in the Information Technology Field: A Survey of Current Technologies and Future Importance , (4804)
Effects of Normalization Techniques on Logistic Regression in Data Science, (4813)
Where We are with Enterprise Architecture, (4801)

Security / Networks / Communications

Importance of Features in Adversarial Machine Learning for Cyber Security , (4809)
The use of Snap Length in Lossy Network Traffic Compression for Network Intrusion Detection Applications, (4806)

Web Applications, Web 2.0

Evaluation of Google Vision API for Object Detection in General Subject Images, (4814)