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CONISAR Proceedings 2019

Cleveland, Ohio

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2019 CONISAR Proceedings - Abstract Presentation

Analyzing Drug Overdoses in a Community Using R

Vamsi Gondi
Ball State University

Drug abuse and overdoses are causing havoc in all 50 states, some of the states and communities are spellbound by this addiction. In 2017 alone there were 70,000 fatalities in the US which is 3 times more than the reported in 2000 (NIH Overdose Death Rates. (2019)). Drugs such as Fentanyl and prescription opioids resulted more fatalities than all other drugs that include Heroin, Methamphetamine and Cocaine (NIH Overdose Death Rates. (2019)). The nation-wide, state-wide and local community agencies are trying to analyze, control and implement measures to control this epidemic. The means of collecting localized data at the ground level, identifying the local root causes that are driving the people toward the drugs and identifying the impact of the measures put-up by government agencies is lacking.

To resolve the above mentioned issues, we anticipated to collect data and analyze the collected data from two of the counties; City of Muncie, Delaware County in Indiana and Montgomery County in Ohio. We took the help of city police department and sheriff offices to provide the overdose data from 2016 to 2018 in Muncie and 2012 – 2018 in Montgomery County. We processed the data and analyzed the data sets using R (R (2019)) to identify the pattern how the overdoses are spreading in the city of Muncie. The figure 1 shows the plotted overdoses location from 2016 to 2018 in Muncie area. Even with the data what we collected as of now is not enough to predict future drug overdose and impact measurement on the reforms implemented by the agencies.

In future, we anticipate to work closely with Delaware County’s department of health and Muncie police department to collect data and add more questionaries’ for all the drug related incidents. We would like to use this collected data to analyze various patterns of the individuals involved (by age, sex, socio economical, race, location, etc…), and to identify the patterns over the years how the drug abuse progression happened across Delaware and Montgomery counties. We will also try to identify fentanyl effect mixed with traditional drugs through the study. We also plan to work with local community volunteers and involve in the programs such as needle exchange, Narcan (NARCAN (2019)) distribution and study the impact of these measures in the community.

Recommended Citation: Gondi, V., (2019). Analyzing Drug Overdoses in a Community Using R . Proceedings of the Conference on Information Systems Applied Research, v.12 n.5254, Cleveland, Ohio