CONISAR Proceedings 2019

Cleveland, Ohio

Conference Highlights

Best Papers

Best Papers Chair

Lionel Mew, University of Richmond

Best Paper of CONISAR Conference

The Impact of Analytics Adoption on Team Performance in Professional Sports: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Lag in Observable Results (5201)

Lee Freeman
University of Michigan Dearborn

Distinguished Paper Awards (top 5%)

A Longitudinal Study of Google Privacy Policies (5205)

Alan Peslak
Penn State University

Lisa Kovalchich
California University of Pennsylvania

Mauri Conforti
Geisinger Health System

Meritorius Paper Awards (top 10%)

The Use of Tainted Flows in Network Compression for Distributed Network Intrusion Detection (5207)

Sidney Charles Smith
US Army Research Laboratory

Robert J. Hammell II
Towson University