CONISAR Proceedings 2015

CONISAR Proceeding 2015

Wilmington, North Carolina

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Muhammed Miah, Southern University New Orleans

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Utilizing Finite State Machines in the Classroom to Introduce Verified Software

Ronald Finkbine
Indiana University Southeast

Monday - 11/2/2015 in Bellamy at 3:05 p.m.

A finite state machine (FSM) is a graphical model that displays the computational behavior of a system by determining the acceptance (yes or no) of an input sequence. These models can be rendered in standard language source programs as regular source code or can be included using an FSM tool developed by the author. The FSM concept has traditionally been introduced to students in a course on computability but often not included in software development courses. The author has been using a sequence of FSM-based assignments in courses in Programming Languages, Software Engineering and Operating Systems. These assignments include the following:

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A Multi-National Study of Attitudes and Policies of Military Personnel about Smart Phone Applications

Justin Fruehauf
Ryan McCann
Fahad Al-Khalifa
Robert Morris University

Monday - 11/2/2015 in McRae at 3:05 p.m.

This study will examine the roles of national identity and cul re on attitudes and policies regarding smart phone application technology as used by members of respective militaries. The study will present a review of current literature as well as findings of surveys given to individuals in the respective national military forces. The focus of the study will not be on the development of the policies themselves, but to ascertain if culture plays a role in the individual’s decision to accept and uphold the respective policy. The findings of the study will contribute to the understanding of what makes an effective mobile device usage policy for members of a nation’s military.