CONISAR Proceedings 2017

Austin, Texas

Conference Highlights

Best Papers

Best Paper of CONISAR Conference

Geolocation Tracking and Privacy Issues Associated
with the Uber Mobile Application

Darren Hayes
Christopher Snow
Saleh Altuwayjiri
Pace University

Distinguished Paper Awards (top 10%)

An Exploratory Analysis of Gender Differences in
IT Project Commitment, Continuation, and Escalation

Melinda Korzaan
Amy Harris
Nita Brooks
Middle Tennessee State University

Meritorious Paper Award (top 15%)

Exploratory Study of Organizational Adoption
of Cloud based Big Data Analytics

Biswadip Ghosh
Metropolitan State University of Denver

Minimalism in Data Visualization: Perceptions of Beauty,
Clarity, Effectiveness, and Simplicity

Stephen Hill
Barry Wray
Christopher Sibona
University of North Carolina Wilmington