CONISAR Proceedings 2017

Austin, Texas

Conference Highlights


Applied IS Research / Methodologies

Facebook Fanatics: A Linguistic and Sentiment Analysis of the Most Fanned Facebook Pages, (4501)
Predictive Models for Apportioning 911 Fund, (4524)
Text Messaging Today: A Longitudinal Study of Variables Influencing Text Messaging from 2009 to 2016, (4515)
Towards a better understanding of the justification of choice of methods to be mixed in the same intervention during Action Design Research, (4578)
Using Systems Analysis and Design to Enhance the Business Understanding Stage in CRISP-DM, (4519)
Whats Appening to our Privacy? A Students Perspective on Downloading Mobile Apps , (4525)

Business Intelligence / Big Data

A Review of Big Data Predictive Analytics in Information Systems Research , (4512)
Does Your Beer Taste Like Big Data?, (4522)
Exploratory Study of Organizational Adoption of Cloud based Big Data Analytics, (4507)
Open vs. Close Source Decision Tree Algorithms: Comparing Performance Measures of Accuracy, Sensitivity and Specificity, (4504)

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: Implications for Information Systems Development Service Providers and Practitioners, (Paper) (4521)

Digital and Multimedia Technoloogies

Minimalism in Data Visualization: Perceptions of Beauty, Clarity, Effectiveness, and Simplicity, (4514)

ERP / Supply Chain

Information Sharing Increases Drug Sample Inventory Management Efficiency in Healthcare Clinics: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment, (4516)

Ethical / Legal / Privacy

Geolocation Tracking and Privacy Issues Associated with the Uber Mobile Application, (4511)

Other Applied Research Topics

Aggregating Complementary and Contradictory Information for Military Decision Making, (4528)
An Exploratory Analysis of Gender Differences in IT Project Commitment, Continuation, and Escalation, (4508)
Multitasking Behaviors: Distracted Driving Threats Beyond Texting, (4577)

Security / Networks / Communications

Blockchain Technology: Challenges and Opportunities, (4579)
Information Security and Privacy Legislation: Current State and Future Direction, (4506)
IT Audit Literature: A Future-Looking Research Agenda , (4502)
Phubbing: Communication in the Attention Economy, (4526)
Protecting IoT from Mirai botnets; IoT device hardening, (4518)
Student Intentions and Behaviors Related to Email Security: An Application of the Health Belief Model, (4513)

Software Engineering / Application Development

A Business Multi-Case Study of Change Management in Software Implementation, (4520)